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Kauri Design | Handmade Leather Bags & Goods

Kauri Designs Specialize in Handmade, Authentic Leather Creations and Designs. We Take Pride in Producing the Best Leather Goods, Made from Hands and Love in India. Kauri’s Leather Design Are a One-Of-A-Kind Selection And 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. All Leather Good Designs Last for Several Years, Made with The Finest Leather and Stitch to Guarantee No Ripping, Tearing, Or Holes. Kauri Leather Handbags Are Handmade and Created for The Unique Look and Love of Leather. Kauri Designs Are Made to Be Eco-Friendly, Made from Bio-Degradable Fabrics and Cutting Down Pollutions from Large Factories. Choose the Leather That Lasts, Made with Love, And Backed Up by Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You Will Love Every Handmade Kauri Design!

LocTote | Anti-Theft Bag & 5 Level Security

We are a small employee-owned company located in the heartland of America. We still believe in the American dream — that hard work, quality, craftsmanship, and a dedication to creating innovative products that improve lives will lead to success. We scour the globe to find the absolute best and most technologically advanced materials and manufacturers available. We compromise on nothing when it comes to quality and authenticity, and cut no corners in crafting goods built to outlive their owners. There’s nothing fancy and no secret formula to what we do. We’re just hands-on hard-working folks providing customers handcrafted hard-wearing products at a fair price. It’s really quite simple.

– Don Halpern 

Endless ID | NFC GPS & Medical Alert Device

All EndlessID products contain a chip that functions as an ID, which identifies you as a person and recognizes your account. That ID can only be read or recorded by our apps or our SDK / APIs and will not be accessible by anyone else. Rest assure it has strict security measures. In itself, within our devices, no type of information is stored, instead your information will be accessed through the ID that is in your EID device. This allows our devices to maintain all your information secure at all times. You do not need to worry in the case that you were to misplace your EID product or have it stolen. It will not be a problem since you can lock the device and your EndlessID product making it impossible to access the information.

Wave Electric Bikes | Eco-Friendly Traveling

The Wave eBikes are revolutionizing the electric bicycle market. Available at a remarkably low price point rivaling any electric bike previously available on the market, our product line includes the original Wave eBike beach cruiser and the Wave folding bike. Both models are available beautiful blue, white, or black colors. Our electric bicycles extend your effective range dramatically, making it possible for you to cruise in comfort on effortless full-electric mode or greatly lengthen the distance you can travel while using “pedal assist” mode. Featuring a groundbreaking and market-defining top speed, our electric bicycles don’t just take you farther; they take you there faster.

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Amazing shop! Thank you guys. Shipping was extremely fast and my Wave Bike is so amazing! I love it and got a great deal too, highly recommened.

Amy T.

Can't beat their prices. Don't know how you guys do it, but keep doing it!

Mike G.

Very unique shop. Always something new to please customers.

Mary R.

High end products and can't beat the prices. Great customer service too - I will be back! Thank you!

Casey C.

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