Endless ID Smart Medical Identification Card | Easy Swipe & NFC Technology

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  • SMART MEDICAL CARD: ID Card Storing Emergency & Critical Health Information Using Near-Field Communications, Finding You or Your Loved One's Medical History In Seconds
  • GPS LOCATOR: GPS Tracking Technology, Emergency Contact Receives Phone Call, Text, & Email of Card's Geolocation Accessed
  • ONLINE MEDICAL PROFILE: Storing Medical, Home, Health, & Contact Information In One Place - Easy Access & Communication For First Responders or Critical Care Conditions
  • POCKET DESIGNED: Small Concealed Designed To Protect Your Medical ID & Fit in Your Wallet
  • GIVING BACK: Endless ID Gives a Portion of Proceeds to Human Service Causes Across the Globe

How to track someone

Medical ID Card and GPS tracking


how to track someone