Real Life TRiCC Colorful Camp Tent Stake, 4 pack

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Camp Tent Stake, 4 pack

  • READY TO USE: One pack comes with 4 ready to use stakes
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: 3 cleat head made of 100% recycled high density polyethylene
  • DIMENSIONS: 10" long by 5/16" diameter steel spike
  • EASY TO USE: Rock chisel point for hard soil
  • WORTH YOUR MONEY: Corrosive resistant -coating

TRiCC Camping Tent Stake is durable, reliable and built to last. Yes! You heard correct, BUILT TO LAST. For decades companies have been producing cheap low density plastic stakes that break after one use causing you to buy them again. This is called planned obsolescence, which means the manufacturing companies actually design and sell you a product that is suppose to break right away to keep you coming back and buying more. They offer you a cheap product and make their money on quantity of sales.Our company, Real Life Products, has no interest in building a product that is doomed for failure. We believe in success and offering quality products that help improve lives, not make it difficult. What makes the TRiCC Tent Stake different than others? Let's start with the plastic head.We use a durable recycled plastic called high-density polyethylene. This is a very strong bonded plastic because the recycling process gives it a high density compared to other tent stake manufacturers that use a weak bonded, low density polyethylene. The plastic head is so strong that it will actually bend before it will break. Now think about using a hammer to drive a stake into the ground. Would you want cheap plastic taking the blunt force of a hammer or something strong and durable that was designed to take a beating? The plastic head has 3 cleat hooks, so if you were to forcefully bend and break one cleat you will still have two more! The TRiCC Tent Stake head is designed to allow easy tie offs with rope so you don't have to loop it through a hole on one side. Instead, you use the whole stake head as a tie off, like tying a boat line to the cleat on a dock. It's 10" long and comes in a 4 pack. The polyethylene head is attached to a 5/16" diameter steel spike with a corrosive resistance coating. At the end is a rock chisel point made perfect for hard soil.The TRiCC Tent Stake is perfect for use with tents, gardens, trees, canvas, ground decors and other structures.