Moisturizing Shower Gel by Naturalium (Almond and Pistachio)

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Imagine a range of products for hair and body care with a combination of the best ingredients, innovative textures, and unique and unmistakable fragrances. Fragrance Pleasure by Naturalium offers a moisturizing shower gel that is made with the safest ingredients to ensure a soothing, gentle body cleanse. Perfect for dry skin, this coconut bath wash contains Glycerin, which is an effective moisturizer, and Vitamin E that protects your skin from potentially damaging oxidizing agents. This sensitive skin bath wash is all-natural and is completely free of parabens, colorants, phenoxyethanol, and phthalates. Experience the genuine and long-lasting aroma of fruit. Return to the origin, to nature, to simplicity, and discover the power of Naturalium.