Forever in My Heart American Flag Cloud Letter & Cremation Urn Locket - Gun Metal Finish

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These unique Clouds are designed with Love, Peace, and Unity in mind. They belong to Memorials Category and will help you say Good Bye personally through the power of a Handwritten Letter. Your written words will become a Communication Spirit with your loved one and our Eternity Letter lockets can be appreciated during the event, or even 20 years later.

We’ve made sure to create an option with the ashes compartment in case you wish to carry your Cloud with you and keep your heart-written letter close to your loving soul and precious memories.

You may even purchase both options so you can keep one with you and leave the twin next to a head stone, inside the casket, or even take it to a lake, sea or the ocean.

Your Handwritten Letter is a piece of you and you can say anything and everything you hold in your heart no matter what that is. It will help you let go, appreciate and even find peace in your heart and mind.

We can not Thank You enough for trusting the Eternity Letter with caring for your loved one and for using the Eternity Letter products to make a difference in your life!