Bagel Fresh Container - Fresh Bagels Keeper & Airtight Storage

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  • AIRTIGHT FRESHNESS ↠ Air-tight and water-proof designed to keep bagels as fresh as the day you bought them or made them. Keep up to 6 bagels fresh and delicious for days!
  • PREVENT STALE & MOLDY BAGELS ↠ Stop throwing out your money & stale moldy bagels, and start keeping them fresh for several days. Save money & save your bagels!
  • BPA FREE QUALITY ↠ Made from BPA-Free materials that ensure containers to be safe & eco-friendly lockable storage.
  • MIRCOWAVE & DISHWASH SAFE ↠ Long lasting, durable, and strong high quality materials guarantee you to microwave, freeze, and even dishwash at your convenience.
  • REDUCE PLASTIC BAGS & REUSE ♻ Earth-friendly designed to prevent to use of hazardous plastic bags that pollute our Earth - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at your local deli or grocery store today!
The Bagel Fresh ergonomic container solves the problem of bagels becoming stale or moldy. The innovative airtight design allows for 6 bagels to be stored for days! This environmentally friendly product eliminates plastic storage bags in our landfills.