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Subtle Green

Cacay Rjuvenate Serum

Cacay Rjuvenate Serum

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Subtle Green's Cacay Rjuvenate Serum uses Cacay seed oil, one of nature's impressive anti-aging elixirs that has an extraordinarily high percentage of Retinol, vitamin E and Linoleic acid.

With 3 times the amount of Retinol as Trans-Retinoic acid in Rosehip seed oil and 50% more vitamin E than Argan oil, Cacay (Kahai) oil is a natural elixir that rejuvenates skin and prevents wrinkles and spots by enhancing skin's own regeneration cycle.

Cacay and Olive Squalane also have high levels of Linoleic acid that is responsible for maintaining skin's barrier function and hydration levels so that skin stays plump and wrinkles appear diminished.
Coupled with Squalane from olives and paprika, this Cacay Rejuvenate serum improves skin tone, restores elasticity and radiance to skin. This serum is light, fast absorbing and safe for all skin types including oily or acne prone skin.

Who benefits from this? If you're looking for a clean and sustainable facial oil that brings the benefits of a luxe anti-aging serum without breaking the bank then this is for you. If you have a reaction to synthetic pharmacy retinol and see reddness or reaction, then this is a great substitute to reap similar benefits without the side effects.
Caution and Storage: Unlike Retinol, Cacay oil is gentle enough to use in the day time.
However, if you're expecting to be outdoors all day, then it's best to avoid wearing it. This serum contains Paprika which is high in Beta Carotene and gives the beautiful orange color. Beta Carotene loses it's color when exposed to direct sunlight. However, the botanical value of the serum is not impacted. Store away from sunlight.

Proudly made in Canada, these benefits are delivered without clogging pores or the use of toxic chemicals while keeping your skin supple!
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