Coco Color Stylus - World's 1st & Original Remote Coloring Stylus Designed for Tweens and Adults

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  • World's 1st & Original remote coloring stylus designed for tweens and adults.
  • 768 Color/Stroke Style/Stroke Size Combinations. FREE Coco Color Apps - Coco Color Voyages & Coco Color Doodle
  • Four style icons (Pen, Pencil, Pastel & Paint). Each time a particular style button is pressed the size of that style increases 1-4 times.
  • Eight Color Buttons. Each Color Button has a Color Arc of 6 Colors - total 48 Colors.
  • Coco Color received Scholastic's "Teachers' Picks, Best of 2017 award" - a fantastic endorsement from the best known publishers for the American Education market.