DMC Grille Guard - Heavy Duty Non-Stick Vented Aluminum Foil with Holes, 25 Square Feet - No More Worrying About Sticking Food While You Grill

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If you are in the market for a foil that will work on any grill then look no further because we have you covered. Grille Guard was invented to eliminate the fear of dirty grill grates whether they are your own or public grills at parks, lakes, beaches, campgrounds, and apartment complexes. There is no need to worry about your food sticking to any grill with this foil, and it works perfectly for all types of foods including meats, seafood, and vegetables. This aluminum foil is vented, and heavy-duty. Since this foil is vented with evenly distributed holes it allows you to get the same flavors without the mess that comes along with it. Each pack of the DMC Grille Guard comes with 25 feet of foil which will last you for several grilling sessions. No more grilling on dirty grills or dropping food between the grates. Simply tear off a sheet and place it on the grill. When you’re done grilling, just throw it away. The Grille Guard foil also helps prevent food from burning and sticking due to the juices seeping into the grill too quickly! This is a quality, heavy duty non-stick foil that will work on any grill. perfect for using at home, while camping, or in other public places.


  • Perfect for All Food Types: Great for All Meats and the Unparalleled Non-Stick Surface Prevents Small and Delicate Foods Like Veggies and Fish From Sticking to the Grill or Falling Through the Grates
  • Keeps Your Grill Cleaner And Saves You Time: No More Grilling On Dirty Grills Whether It’s Your Own Or While Travelling, Camping, Etc. Just Tear Off A Sheet, Place It On The Grill, and Throw it Away When Done.
  • Great Grilling Results: Since This Is Heavy Duty, Vented, and Non-Stick Aluminum Foil With Evenly Distributed Holes, It Allows You To Still Get The Same Great Grill Flavor Without The Mess.
  • Makes For A Great Gift For Barbecue Lovers: This Foil For Grills Would Make A Great Gift For People Who Love To Barbecue. A Simple But Truly Useful Gift.