DMC Grilling Foil- Heavy Duty Vented Holes Non Stick Aluminum, 25 SQ FT.

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Grilling Foil was invented to eliminate the fear of dirty grill gates in state parks, lakes, local parks, as well as beaches and apartment complexes. Where the grills are shared at times by several hundred tenants. The thought was to provide our customers with a heavy-duty non-stick foil with evenly distributed perforated holes that also allows for the smoke flavor to get to your food and ease clean-up after the BBQ. The health-conscious fish and veggie consumer can also use the foil to grill without fear of their food falling through the grates.
  • MUTLIPLE USES: Here's to worry-free healthy mouthwatering grilling. Great for all meats, especially fish as well as steaming vegetables!
  • NO MORE POKING HOLES: Since this vented aluminum foil has evenly distributed holes and it’s also non stick aluminum foil, it allows you to still get the same flavor without the mess. It also helps prevent food from burning and sticking due to the juices seeping into the grill too quickly. These grilling sheets are designed to also help leave the grill marks, too! And, it also helps prevent food from falling through the grates.
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Aluminum foil nearly 2X as thick as standard foil. This is a heavier Non Stick foil that will work on any grill.
  • NON-STICK: Unparalleled non-stick surface. Prevents small and delicate foods like veggies and fish from falling through while you cook!
  • QUICK & EASY CLEAN UP: No more grilling on dirty grill grates whether it’s your own or while travelling out in public! Drains away greasy fluids, just crumble up and toss! 25 square feet of customizable surface coverage per roll.