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Dynamo Cyclone Cane

Dynamo Cyclone Cane

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So what if a quad cane can stand up by itself? What’s more important to you:  the cane’s balance — or yours? Yup, it’s handy that you can hang your purse or hat on a stand-up cane. But they don’t work well once you walk with them and it’s way more important for you to have a cane you can truly DEPEND ON for walking with confidence.The Cyclone Cane with Crossbow Tech™ is the safest cane you can buy. It’s balanced and stable when you walk, giving you better posture. How? It’s all due to the patent-pending bend toward the bottom. Crossbow Tech helps distribute your weight and stabilize your balance — even helps improve your posture. Safety. Balance. Stability. That’s what counts. 


COMFORTABLE: The pain-free forward-facing handgrip is made of springy, compressive foam to reduce pressure on your wrist and hands — ideal for folks who want to avoid hand or wrist pain

STABILITY & TRACTION: the articulating Cyclone SuperFoot™ covers more surface area than a regular crutch tip and the Crossbow Tech™ helps you maintain more upright posture so you can “walk tall” with confidence

ALL TERRAIN: The all-weather, articulating Cyclone SuperFoot™ “grippy” foot flexes to tackle virtually any terrain or weather condition

PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made with all-aluminum frame, not made of steel which can rust

LOOKS GREAT: It’s the coolest-looking adjustable cane on the market — superb design that won’t let you down.

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