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Dynamo Pouch

Dynamo Pouch

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The Dynamo Pouch. This convenient, convertible bag is a pouch when you attach it to a crutch or walker — a practical bag when you detach it on the fly. Attaches almost anywhere or to anything, with the use of the Velcro adjustable bands. Easy Care. Hand wash using cold water and mild soap, then line dry. More than just a crutch bag! Great for fishing, hiking, biking, and traveling.


SMART DESIGN: The Dynamo Pouch is fitted with sensible zipper closures, an adjustable fastener and on -the-go handle, and a hook and loop fastener to easily secure the pouch to crutches or walkers. A proper pouch should be attached as high as possible on a crutch or walker. The higher it’s placed the lighter it feels.

HOLDS WHATEVER YOU NEED: The Dynamo Pouch has a main pouch with two inner slots, two side pockets, as well as a hidden carry strap, allowing you to fit all the essentials — wallet, keys, phone, small water bottle and much more.

FITS MOST CRUTCHES, WALKERS, WHEELCHAIRS, ROLLATORS and BACKPACKS: With two expandable Velcro side panels and a top mounted adjustable strap it’s the Ultimate Mobility Carry Bag. It quickly and easily detaches from virtually all mobility aid devices or for use as a personal bag. Use it for day trips, sports, vacation, shopping or school.

BEAUTIFUL CONSTRUCTION: Made of good-looking durable nylon it is latex free, water-resistant, stain resistant, and lightweight. No fleece fabric. Dimensions — 5” W x 8” L x 1.5” D

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