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Dynamo PrimeStick

Dynamo PrimeStick

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Versatile cane / walking stick / trekking pole. Equally efficient at home on city streets or hiking trails. Combines agility, reliability, mobility, balance — and FREEDOM to the max! PrimeStick’s patented Cyclone Foot covers 2 to 3 times more surface area than a standard cane tip. The Cyclone’s tread design was based on high-performance race car tires. The result of increased surface area and exceptional tread: incredible “grippiness” for maximum traction even in wet, wild, or windy weather. Adjusts in seconds. Fits anyone. The strong (yet lightweight) aluminum post unlocks with a simple twist of the wrist. It extends up to a fits-everybody height of 56 inches for added leverage when trekking or exercising. Twist to re-lock, and PrimeStick is ready to go! This season’s “Go To” walking accessory. For folks who need a cane (but won’t admit it), PrimeStick is the UN-cane. Whether you’re a bit wobbly from feeling under the weather, recovering from an injury, or simply know that using a walking stick helps you conserve energy on your ambles, PrimeStick is perfect for you.


FOR ACTIVE AND CASUAL WALKING AND TREKKING: Traditional trekking poles and walking sticks are not designed for city use, parks and streets. Prime Stick was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate urban walking stick and trekking pole.

LIGHTWEIGHT & ADJUSTABLE: It's durable, compact, & fits in your car easily. Extends from compact cane height up to 56 inches for added leverage.

ALL WEATHER: The Cyclone Foot flexes for reliable traction on virtually any terrain and the tread channels away water and debris like a four season car tire. This oversized, flexible tip base maintains constant surface contact through every stride. 50% more coverage than standard tips. Reliable, enhanced traction on virtually any terrain, especially wet surfaces.

COMFORTABLE: The ergonomic handgrip feels comfortably springy and absorbs sweat better than cork

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