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Eco Response

Eco Response Biodegradable Ovulation Test

Eco Response Biodegradable Ovulation Test

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The first and only Biodegradable Midstream Ovulation Test available.  Recyclable Packaging made from 100% Recycled/50% post-consumer waste material.  FSC Certified. Our primary goal is to bring useful and innovative products to market that have been manufactured in ways that minimize or eliminate environmental impact. Our products offer equal or superior quality, utility and convenience when compared to their conventional counterparts with the advantage of environmentally conscious design and packaging.

  • RESULTS YOU CAN TRUST: Over 99% accurate, easy to read results. Email and phone support available.
  • SUSTAINABLY PRODUCED: Packaged with 100% recycled materials and manufactured with over 90% biodegradable materials
  • HIGH QUALITY: Our diagnostic devices are made in the U.S.A. to the highest standards. Our manufacturing facility is FDA cleared and registered
  • HUMANELY MADE: All antibodies used in manufacturing are harvested from animals living under conditions that meet or exceed FDA/EU standards
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