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Endless ID Smart Bracelet Band | Wear Your Personal Medical ID & GPS Location - Easy Access NFC Technology

Endless ID Smart Bracelet Band | Wear Your Personal Medical ID & GPS Location - Easy Access NFC Technology

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  • SMART ID BRACELET: Wearable Band/Bracelet Storing Emergency & Critical Health Information Using Near-Field Communications, Finding Your Medical History & Needs In Seconds
  • GPS LOCATOR: GPS Tracking Technology, Emergency Contact Receives Phone Call, Text, & Email of Users Geolocation
  • ONLINE MEDICAL PROFILE: Storing Medical, Home, Health, & Contact Information In One Place - Easy Access & Communication
  • STYLISH WRIST DESIGN: Comfortable Band Bracelet Made for Flexibility & Fashionable Wear
  • WATER RESISTANT: Worry-Free Water Resistant Device, Made to be Worn Outdoors in All Weather Conditions

Endless ID medical emergency alert bracelet

Keep you or your loved ones medical conditions & GPS location on your wrist at all times! My Endless ID is the easiest most effective way to keep yourself and your loved ones protected. Using advanced Near –Field Communication (NFC) technology, first responders are able to access your critical medical information with only a simple tap of a mobile device or internet access. There are two ways to access your medical information, a tap of the ID card with an NFC enabled device or web access using the unique id and pin number engraved in the back of the ID card. Every time someone accesses your medical profile through either of these two methods, the emergency contact assigned in your account will receive a notification letting them know your information was accessed along with geolocation of where it was read. Your emergency contact listed will be notified via telephone call, text and email. ID Cards are activated in a simple three step process that can be completed within minutes. My Endless ID has a complete platform where you can incorporate your medical history all in one place and features areas to input personal information, medical conditions, medications, vaccinations, allergies, medical history, medical devices, insurance, emergency contact an any other additional information. It also gives the option to share your medical history with someone such as a caregiver or doctor. All of our products are water resistant. No app required. First year free subscription to My Endless Pet ID Plus. Instant access to accurate, detailed and up-to-date medical information could help save your or a loved one’s life in an emergency. A portion of each My Endless ID sold helps to provided resources for human services causes across our globe.

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