Garage Shield GS100 - Door Security

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  • Easily increase your level of home protection and garage door security with Garage Shield.
  • Prevents burglars from using design flaw in security doors to break into your garage.
  • Garage door lock works with all overhead garage openers with the modern sectional configuration.
  • Installation requires no tools. All screws and retainers can be installed by hand.
  • Garage door guard made of durable ABS plastic that will withstand both hot and cold climates

Garage shield provides an extra layer of home security with a clever design that outsmarts burglars. You may think your home protection system is strong enough to guard your property, but modern paneled garage doors have a design flaw that allows for criminals to easily break in and access the garage without any damage or evidence of entry. Home security systems may be triggered by such a break in, but by the time authorities arrive at your home, the damage may already be done. Similar to doors that have a metal plate over the latch to prevent credit cards from jimmying the lock, garage defender has a garage door guard plate that blocks access to the release mechanism. Criminals enter by pressing in the top center panel of a garage door, tilting the panel inwards, thus allowing access with a simple coat hook to release the safety mechanism. This trick enables them to have full access to your garage and home (if attached), while not alerting anyone to their presence. Even security doors with an access code can be outsmarted in this fashion. The garage defender garage door security system attaches in seconds, requires no tools and can be installed by anyone. Once installed, this garage door lock requires no effort to maintain, no oil, no adjustments, nothing. Simply fit it and forget it. This smart garage door seal is a simple way to add one more layer of garage security on your property.