Forever in My Heart Classic Cloud Letter Locket - Gun Metal Finish

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These unique Clouds are designed with Love, Peace, and Unity in mind and are made as a Tangible Greeting Cards that can communicate your memories, celebrations, greetings, apology, or appreciation on a very emotional level so your handwritten letter can last in time and make a difference of a lifetime.

Our Eternity Letter Lockets can be used to deliver and relinquish your memories, celebrate significant life events, Wishing a Happy Birthday or to say Thank You to someone special, apologize with an “I am Sorry” letter or to say “I Love You” to your to your loved one.

All of Clouds comes with a Complimentary Keyring, and a few extra Letters stored inside cute paper envelops. The Locket comes in Beautiful Suede Pouch that resembles an Envelope and will make it an unforgettable and emotional gift that will last in time into Eternity.

We can not Thank You enough for trusting the Eternity Letter with caring for your loved one and for using the Eternity Letter products to make a difference in your life and the life of others!