Heli 2200 Classic Power Lantern Kit

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  • Rechargeable lantern with Standard USB port for charging cell phones and other devices
  • 220 mAh Li-Ion battery provides up to 40 hours of light
  • 15 bright white and 8 red LEDs for up to 120 lumens at full power
  • Regulated 5V USB power out port
  • Includes 12V AC Wall Charger

Bring power and light everywhere you go! The 2200 Classic Power Lantern delivers up to 40 hours of light, or enough power to fully charge two or three cell phones. Kit includes the 2200 lantern and AC wall charger. Use with your device's USB charging cable.

Durable & versatile! Take light and power for your personal devices just about anywhere!

PASS THROUGH CHARGING: Charge your devices via a standard USB port with the lantern alone, or while charging the lantern via solar, car, or wall via a standard mini USB cable.

6 LIGHT SETTINGS: 3 white light settings, blinking white, constant red and blinking red options at the push of a button

POWER INDICATOR LIGHTS: to monitor power level

REMOVABLE REFRACTOR CAP With the refractor cap in place, your lantern will light up a large area. Remove it and your lantern will act as a flashlight.

POSITIONING OPTIONS: Hang it, stand it, or remove the handle for packing or to save weight. Use the attached d-ring to hang or attach your heli lantern to just about anything!

DUST, WATER, AND STAIN RESISTANT: With the protective rubber seal that comes with our protective rubber caps, your heli offers IP54 level water resistance.

RELIABILITY: Fully charged, your heli 4400 can be stored for up to a year without recharging.

EXPAND-ABILITY: Purchase a 7W or 14W solar panel and harness the power of the sun for portable light and power anywhere! And with our 10-in-1 charging cable (sold separately) you'll never be without the right cord again!

Run times for 2200 series lanterns:

Regular white mode: 40 hours
High white mode: 18 hours
Turbo white mode: 10 hours
Blinking white mode: 40 hours
Steady red mode: 17 hours
Flashing red mode: 38 hours