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Hilo Smart Mirrors

Hilo Light Smart Mirror with LED Light and Touch Screen Display

Hilo Light Smart Mirror with LED Light and Touch Screen Display

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Want a world with perfect lighting? Hilo Light Make Up Vanity Mirror has a powerful light strip with different modes. With the Hilo app you can switch from candlelight to day light in seconds - try cool light to apply your makeup or warm light for relaxing moments.

✦ HILO LIGHT vanity mirror comes with built-in play store, enabling users to download their favorite apps.
✦ Transform any wall into a smart home control hub. View your security cameras, dim the lights, open the garage and more, all from the convenience of your bathroom mirror.
✦ Built-in motion and eye sensor so the smart mirror turns on like magic when it detects a presence and turns off automaticly to save energy for a premium user experience.
✦ When the screen is off it disappears completely and HILO LIGHT vanity mirror just looks like a simple wall mirror.
✦ The HILO vanity mirrors does not require any subscriptions.
✦ The picture in mirror feature allows users to see make up tutorials while practicing it at the same time; not only that, it allows you to watch your favorite shows while using your mirror.
✦ HILO Light's water resistance makes it absolutely safe to use in bathroom.

The Vanity Mirror is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB-ready to facilitate its connectivity. Fitbit Wearables and other fitness trackers, Kolibree Interactive, Electric Toothbrushes, Smart Scales and Kérastase Smart Hairbrushes are just some of the many devices you can connect to Hilo Smart Mirror.

✔ HILO LIGHT Vanity Mirror is 21.5" In Diameter, 1.4" Depth with 13.5" Of Touch Panel Easily Configured So It Shows Weather, Stock Market, Clock, News And Many More
✔ HILO LIGHT Includes an Eco Friendly Light Strip So You Can Choose Your Favorite Light Modes On The Smart Mirror To See The True Color Of Your Makeup.
✔ The Smart Mirror Is Water Resistant And Is Made To Meet An IP65 Ratings That Prevents Water Splashing The Surface.
✔ The Make Up Vanity Mirror Comes With 2 Stereo High Fidelity Speakers.
✔ The Microphones Allows You To Make Calls Or Navigate Through Your Favorite Apps Without Touching The Smart Mirror.
✔ New Fingerprint Technology Reduces Fingerprints and Smudges on the Surface by 80%
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