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Maximm Cable

Maximm 1 ft Safety Extension Cord - White, 16 Gauge, Heavy Duty Extension Cord (2 Pack)

Maximm 1 ft Safety Extension Cord - White, 16 Gauge, Heavy Duty Extension Cord (2 Pack)

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Whether at home or the office, the reliable Maximm extension cord with power strip comes in handy for plugging in anything from PCs, laser printers, and monitors to larger servers and power distribution units (PDUs). Unique for their sleek and adaptable design, our 3 prong extension cord and power strip is the ultimate clutter control cord. Are you in need of a slim plug power strip that can fit through tight spaces? The Maximm electric cord extension cable is your solution! With its space saving design, this ultra slim power strip can fit nearly anywhere you need it. Maximm's extension cords eliminate bulky or awkward cord set ups. When your office equipment relies on constant power, you can rely on Maximm’s heavy duty indoor extension cord to power up PCs, laptops, monitors, routers, modems, printers, and more.

This heavy duty extension cord is an ideal outdoor and indoor extension cord for many needs. Use in your office to organize your work station and extend the reach of your PC power cord, in the kitchen as an appliance extension cord, as a wall outlet extender when power cords are just a bit too short, and so much more. Maximm's unique extension cable low profile design easily fits in small spaces and remains hidden. Our white extension cords allow you to extend the reach of a device and 3 prong outlets ensure the sockets are grounded. Our long heavy duty extension cord is made with quality 16 gauge copper conductors, PVC insulator, and a water resistant molded plug ensure durability. Safely bring power extension outdoor, our flat wall plug extension cord is UL listed and adheres to industry standards for safety and quality assurance for an added peace of mind. Max. power rating: 1625 watts (13 amps at 125 volts). Available in multiple lengths to meet various needs, so whether you need a short or long extension cord, Maximm Cable has you covered.

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