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JavaEarth Coffee Base Organic Soil Amendments and Plant Food (20lb Bag)

JavaEarth Coffee Base Organic Soil Amendments and Plant Food (20lb Bag)

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JavaEarth™ is a product meant to be spread on or amended into the soil of lawns and gardens to help encourage plants to grow big and improve soil health through the addition of nutrients and by changing soil composition. The Grounds are a unique organic material because of their high carbon content and water retention. JavaEarth™, inspired by the popularity of spent coffee grounds used in home gardening and by the farmers we work with, who have used the coffee grounds for many years as land-applied nutrients for crops. Ideal organic plant food for vegetables, flower beds, lawns, and more.


  • Soil Benefits: Slow-release nitrogen source, promotes strong root development, great aeration, and nutrient absorption
  • High Quality: Clean, Safe, and 100% Organic (No contaminants, bugs, seeds, or chemicals)
  • Sustainable Outdoor Houseplant Food: Landfill mitigated substitute for peat with similar water retention capabilities
  • Environmentally Friendly: Coffee Grounds are one of earth’s largest sources of organic waste. Using innovative technology, we are leading the challenge of upcycling organic residuals into outdoor plant food
  • Coffee Properties: NPK Ratio 1.5:0:0.5; pH range 4.7-6.2; C/N Ratio 31:1
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