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KETOFIT NUTRITION BARS, Macro Balanced for a Ketogenic Lifestyle (12 Pack)

KETOFIT NUTRITION BARS, Macro Balanced for a Ketogenic Lifestyle (12 Pack)

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KETOFIT Chocolate is a ketogenic nutrition bar that is macro balanced following Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD). It is high in healthy fats, moderate protein and very low in carbohydrates, only 3 net carbs. The fats in this bar are MCT oil, coconut oil. The protein used is collagen, which has many health benefits ranging from joint care and connective tissues, skin hair and nail health, heart health and preserve bone density. The 3 net carbs are naturally occurring from mostly the almond butter. The ingredients are organic, does not contain GMO's and is gluten free.

The bar is compatible with the diabetic community not only because of the low carb content but because it contains inulin found in the chicory root fiber which will lower blood sugar levels which also keeps your insulin levels low (also promotes low blood pressure) and will keep you full longer instead of being absorbed by your insulin.

The ketogenic community loves bulletproof coffee (MCT oil, grass fed butter is the basic formula) and these bars have been made to be versatile, they can be eaten or blended with coffee for a ready to go bulletproof coffee, just add coffee and blend!

These bars have been approved by a few doctors so far such as Dr. Lowery ( Dr. Dom D'Agostino ( Dr. Sten Ekberg (YouTube) and the bars can be found in a few clinics. The KETOFIT bar is packed with nutrients in the exact ratios of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates required for the Standard Ketogenic Diet. It is the only true keto macro specific bar on the market of this caliber.
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