Living Well with Montel ™ ProGreens Plus

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The Living Well with Montel ™ brand promotes Montel Williams ’ message of living well physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The goal is to make e healthy living simple, convenient, and accessible to everyone by offering quality products at a great value. 

    Living Well with Montel™ ProGreens Plus is the easiest way to get all your fruits and vegetables in one healthy and flavorful drink!

    • Supports a healthy immune system and overall health and wellness

    • Promotes a healthy glycemic response

    • Aids in proper digestion with 10 strains of probiotics • Includes anti-aging antioxidants

    • All-natural, 100% non-GMO superfood

    • Vegan

    • One 10g serving per day, 30 servings per container

    • Net Weight 299g/10.5 oz

    • Includes 10g serving scooper