Luxury Noiseless Zippered Mattress Protector by Nindra Bedding

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Our Luxury Mattress Protectors are perfect for anyone looking to ensure their mattresses stay safe from stains, spills, allergens, and pests. Featuring a six sided, zippered design, our mattress protectors completely encase the mattress, ensuring all around protection. Our mattress covers are waterproof, noiseless, anti-allergen, anti-dust mite, and bed bug proof. For the last few years, we have worked ceaselessly to further our research and develop innovative bedding products to improve your sleep experience. Today, the Nindra Bedding Product research team is constantly seeking new solutions for healthy and comfortable sleep. We are committed to bringing customers quality, perfectly made, and well packaged products. We take pride in each step of the process, from raw material checking, cloth inspecting, to washing tests. Rest assured, our product will meet your high standards, as well as our own, time after time.

  • ENCOMPASSING DESIGN: Our mattress protectors feature a six sided, zipper closed design to provide complete protection
  • BEDBUG PROTECTION: Features a "magic" sticky component at the end of the zipper to prevent bedbugs from getting on to your mattress
  • INNOVATION FOR BETTER DREAMS: Our mattress protectors are designed to be noiseless, providing you a peaceful night's sleep without noises from a sheet to keep you up