Nanotech SS Liquiglass- Versatile Ceramic Coating For Most Smooth Substrates, Increases Surface's Hardness To 9H, Creates A Hydro And Oleophobic Ultra Thin Protective Layer And Increases Gloss, Long-lasting- 1 Oz.

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Liquiglass is a ceramic coating for a wide variety of smooth substrates. Creates an ultra-thin oil and liquid repellent layer that increases the surface's gloss and protects it from minor scratches. When applied on polished natural stone countertops, it protects them from liquid and oil- related stains, creating an extension in cleaning and maintenance cycles and preserving their appearance. A single ounce can cover up to 85 square feet. A solution that can be used to protect and extend cleaning cycles of glass, varnished wood, powder-coated surfaces, polished granite, and marble. Liquiglass is a long-lasting and versatile ceramic coating system developed to seal and protect a wide variety of non-porous substrates from humidity-related issues such as rust and corrosion, UV ray damage, chalk deposits, and other environmental aggressors. Liquiglass is chemical and mechanically resistant, easy-to-apply, and effective on most non-porous substrates. So, if you are on the market for something to enhance your surface this is what you need.


  • Nanotech Surface Solution Liquiglass Is A Versatile Ceramic Coating That Creates An Ultra-Thin Hydro And Oleophobic Protective Layer On Most Smooth Substrates.
  • This Product Is Literally Liquid Glass, Which Once Dry, Creates An Ultra-thin Ceramic Layer That Increases The Surface’s Hardness And Enhances Its Gloss.
  • Nanotech Surface Solution Liquiglass Creates The Perfect Protection On Automotive Paint, Metals, Glass, Polished Natural Stone, Glazed Tiles, and Other Smooth Substrates.
  • A Single Ounce Can Cover Up To 85 Square Feet. A Solution That Can Be Used To Protect And Extend Cleaning Cycles Of Glass, Varnished Wood, Powder-coated Surfaces, Polished Granite, And Marble.
  • When Applied On Polished Natural Stone Countertops, It Protects Them From Liquid And Oil- Related Stains, Creating An Extension In Cleaning And Maintenance Cycles And Preserving Their Appearance.