OnTopz Silicone Container Toppers with Americana Theme Pebble

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The OnTopz Pebble series is inspired by the image of a pebble on water and the ripples running to the edge of the topper. Pebble art has been a thing for thousands of years. OnTopz Americana collection features 3 American icons of Black Bear, Golden Eagle and the Stars & Stripes, creating a 3 design set for the 4" and the Stars & Stripes on the larger 6.5", 9" and 12” OnTopz lids. Love your morning coffee or tea, or cocktails on the patio? Want to keep them free from any airborne debris and bugs? Once placed on top of your cup, the 4” silicone topper creates an instant seal, keeping hot drinks hot, AND iced drinks insulated so they stay cold longer! Can be used on all smooth rimmed containers including glass, ceramics, metal, plastic and wood. The fun colors and designs make it easy to identify your drink from others. Keeps bugs and other airborne debris out of your drinks. The Americana Pebble silicone topper also comes in the additional sizes of 6.5", 9" and 12". The 6.5" topper is the perfect size for small bowls and pans. The 9” topper is perfect for salad bowls and medium sized pans. The 12” topper is great for large sized bowls and large pans and frying pans. The larger sizes all work well for covering soup, food bowls, and leftovers in the refrigerator. OnTopz can be used in the oven up to 425F (yes really!) and are stove top, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher safe. BPA free. FDA approved.