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Safety Sacks

Safety Sacks All-in-One Construction Safety Kit

Safety Sacks All-in-One Construction Safety Kit

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Hard Hat ,High-Visibility Vest, Work Gloves, Safety Glasses, Ear Protection, Breathing Mask.

  • Made from polyester fabric with PVC reflective tape.
  • Clear, coated lens provides 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Helps protect against abrasions, cuts, and tears.
  • Made from polyester fabric with PVC reflective tape.
  • Protects against dust and other non-toxic airborne particles including pollen, cut grass, and animal dander.

Safety Sacks are an all-in-one safety pack designed to provide all the protection you need for on the job work or the do it yourself enthusiast. Each Safety Sack contains a hard hat, safety glasses, a safety vest, ear protection, respiratory protection, and protective gloves. The ANSI certified cap style hard hat can provide protection for a multitude of head sizes with its adjustable ratcheting suspension. This hard hat is a type 1, class E, C, and G. The ANSI certified safety glasses provide first-rate impact protection for on the job work. Additional features of the Safety Sack are corded ear plugs to reduce noise from work near loud areas, a dust mask to provide protection from non-toxic airborne particles, a reflective safety vest to ensure visibility, and latex dipped work gloves to reduce the risk of cuts and abrasions to the hands. Each of these products will come to you packaged in a convenient carryi

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