SafeWater Multi Stage Shower Filter | Showerhead Water Filters Remove Chlorine, Harmful Chemicals, Heavy Metals, and Soften Hard Water | Safe and Natural Water Filter

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Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge. Removes harsh chemicals and heavy metals. Removes Chlorine smell.

  • High Quality Filtering: The Water Passes Through the Multiple Different Layers of the Filter to Remove as Much Chlorine, Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Hard Water as Possible.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: This High Output Universal Shower Filter Naturally Removes Contaminants. Safe to Use and Has No Toxic Chemicals, Making it Perfect for People with Sensitive Skin, Kids, and Pets
  • Improve Hair Quality: Our Multi Stage Shower Filter Protects Your Hair from Damaging Chemicals and Metals Thus Making Your Hair Less Prone to Damage
  • Protect Your Health: Our Shower Head Filters to Remove Chlorine and Heavy Metals are Great for Preventing Dry Skin and Eczema and Also Reduces Risks of Asthma and Cancer Linked to Chlorine Exposure.