SafeWater Natural Odor Eliminator | Stick On Air Fresheners for Trash Cans, Diaper Pales, Litter Boxes, and More | Pet Safe Air Freshener

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The SafeWater Natural Odor Neutralizer removes odors anywhere in your house without the use of chemicals. Our foul odor eliminator uses activated charcoal and utilizes all natural coconut shells to capture odors like a magnet. Safe for use around people and pets, making it the perfect trash can air freshener, diaper pale deodorizer, and pet odor absorber. Lasts up to 6 months. Made with an eco-friendly recyclable plastic housing.

About SafeWater: Safe Water systems are designed, engineered, and assembled at our laboratories here in the United States where they are thoroughly inspected and tested before shipping. In the past 30 years, our superior engineering, design expertise, and attention to detail qualities have earned our products the distinction of being the most durable water-filtration systems on the market. We are one of the last manufacturers whose Carbon Block filters are all manufactured in the United States.