SafeWater Scale and Lime Prevention Disc Filter for Evaporator Coolers and Toilets | Long Lasting Automatic Lime Away Toilet Bowl Cleaner | Make Your Toilet and Evaporator Coolers Cleaner

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Prevent scale and lime build-up in your toilet and evaporative coolers with SafeWater's Scale and Lime Preventor. Scale and lime build-up can cause an unsightly stain in your toilet bowl and damages evaporative coolers. Our SafeWater scale and lime preventer and stain remover keeps internal parts clean, prolonging the life of pad and internal parts of evaporative coolers as well as keeping the toilet flushing mechanism working for years longer. Quality products that are easy to use. To install in your toilet simply open the tank lid and place the SafeWater filter at the bottom corner of the tank away from the flapper opening and replace every 6 months. For evaporative coolers place it in the bottom of the water pan away from the pump at the startup of the season and replace every season or once a year. Uses NSF Certified Polyphosphate.

About SafeWater: Safe Water systems are designed, engineered, and assembled at our laboratories here in the United States where they are thoroughly inspected and tested before shipping. In the past 30 years, our superior engineering, design expertise, and attention to detail qualities have earned our products the distinction of being the most durable water-filtration systems on the market. We are one of the last manufacturers whose Carbon Block filters are all manufactured in the United States.