StickyHeelz Two-Part Fastening Heel Pads For Relief From Loose Fitting Shoes

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StickyHeelz are different from other insoles on the market as these are the only insoles on the market that have a way to secure the foot in place to reduce movement in loose fitting shoes. Others try to reduce the space inside the shoe or are just a gel insert that slides into the back moving around all day while ours holds the foot in place. The two-part sole and heel fastening system provides comfort and security. This helps people who have slightly different sized feet - 60% of the population suffer from this. StickyHeelz help improve the fit of the shoe for people with half shoe sized, small and narrow feet. As the foot is secured to shoe this reduces the opportunity for blisters. They can also help you to walk more confidently in high heels. Our products can be used in a wide range of shoe types. Comes with two (2) shoe pads and four (4) heel pads.