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StrapCap | Caulk Saver Caps | Keep Caulking and Silicone Tubes Leak-Free in Storage or on a Caulking Gun

StrapCap | Caulk Saver Caps | Keep Caulking and Silicone Tubes Leak-Free in Storage or on a Caulking Gun

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StrapCap is a patented, trademarked product for caulking and sealant tubes, used both on the job and in storage. StrapCap consists of a nozzle cover, marine grade bungee cord, and removable tube base all attached together. The nozzle cover and marine grade bungee can be attached to a caulking gun and the nozzle can be placed over caulking/sealant tubes while in use, preventing leaks or messes in the workplace. The nozzle creates a good seal on the caulking tips, so StrapCap can be left on the tube in the caulking gun over a period of days and keep the product fresh. For storage, the removable tube base can be placed on the back of the caulking tube and the StrapCap nozzle will attach to the base using the marine grade bungee. Since StrapCap seals the nozzle and the back of the tube (which releases air when the seal has been punctured), StrapCap keeps products lasting significantly longer, which is convenient for both contractors looking to save money and homeowners that use a tube of product such as silicone a couple of times and store it for a few months. Strapcap is the ultimate caulk keeper.


  • Reduce Waste: Use these reseal caps to keep open caulk and silicone from drying out, no more wasting tubes
  • Easy: This caulk and silicone tube sealant cap goes onto the caulk nozzle to keep it airtight - no more using messy and difficult to remove nails as a caulking tube pin
  • Adjustable: This caulk end sealer has stretchy marine grade bungee cord to fit any size caulking tool
  • Components: Caulk sealer caps, cord, and optional round base for caulking tube storage (Does NOT include caulk gun or silicone)
  • Convenient: Use with the base as a simple caulk tube saver or without the base on any caulking tool: dripless caulking gun, contractor caulk guns, etc

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