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Tape Tool

Tape Tool Tape Dispenser

Tape Tool Tape Dispenser

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  • The Tape Tool portable tape dispenser is the perfect home improvement companion for painting, bodywork, and Do-It-Yourself home repair projects. Our tape holder is an essential accessory in the tool kit of residential and commercial painters, automotive painters, and DIYer’s of all kinds.
  • Our tape dispenser is designed for maximum portability, functionality, and versatility so you can get your work done quicker and more efficiently than ever before. No more up and down the ladder because you dropped your tape roll. No more slicing your fingers on the cardboard holder. You’ll always have your masking, painters, or duct tape available whenever you need it, whatever the job.
  • TapeTool’s innovative hands-free design creates the perfect attachment for household chores. Simply connect it to your belt and you’ll never have to juggle your tape roll again. You can also attach TapeTool to your pocket or workbelt with ease. Save hours of work with this one simple, professional-grade tool.
  • Stop scratching your walls while using a tape applicator, but still have the convenience of having your tape roll with you at all times. TapeTool fits most painter’s tape, duct tape, masking tape, and packing tape rolls so you can use it for any project. Get work done faster, easier, and with less stress thanks to the amazing hands-free TapeTool.
  • TapeTool makes a wonderful gift for the home improvement guru in your life. So, when you click the Add To Cart button to the right, don’t forget to add an extra TapeTool or two to share the love with family, friends, and co-workers. You’ll save so much time and headache with all of your taping needs, it will make you wonder how you ever worked without it.

Tired of constantly going up and down a ladder to finish taping so you can put the final touches on your DIY painting project?

Meet TapeTool, the handy, portable, hands-free tape dispenser that clips on to your belt or workstation for instant, easy access to your masking, painting, or duct tape roll.

No more hassle trying to juggle your tape roll and other tools at the same time. No more searching for your tape roll when you need it. Experience less stress and shave hours off your work time with TapeTool.

Now you can have your tape roll by your side whenever the project calls. Great for professional and amateur painters alike, this is must-have accessory for any toolkit.

To order today, simply click the Add To Cart button above. When you do, we’ll process your order and ship out your very own TapeTool as soon as possible.

Before you know it, a nice man holding a little box will show up at your door. When you open your TapeTool for the first time, take a moment to admire the lovely packaging and chic design. Then kiss your tape roll worries goodbye because TapeTool is the last tape dispenser you will ever need.

We know you’ll be so pleased with your purchase you’ll have to tell all of your friends. So, why not go ahead and purchase an extra TapeTool or two as a gift? You’ll be a real life hero!

Order now and say hello to stress-free taping!

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