The Purrrfect Cat Dish Food Dispenser

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  • The Purrrfect Cat Dish That Keeps Dogs Out Of The Cat Food. Designed by a Veterinarian Just For Felines.
  • This Dish Keeps Cat Food Odors In And Spills To A Minimum.
  • External handle for easy carrying. Dishwasher Safe.
  • Twin bowls specially designed just for your cat. Your cat will love you!
  • Rubber Pads And Double Face Tape or Screws Make it Attachable and Stable. Won't Tip Over!
Cats love it! Dogs are discouraged. The Purrrfect Cat Dish is the only veterinarian designed dish that will prevent dogs from getting into your cat's food. Cats and dogs eat in different postures. This is the reason the "eyebrow" lids work. The eyebrows make it too hard for the dog to put his nose in the dish. You can be assured that your dog is not overeating and your cat is being properly fed.