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Tone-y-Bands Wrist Weights

Tone-y-Bands Wrist Weights

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Tone-y-Bands are designed for performance, extra results require more intensity. You need weights that move with you, stay put, stay clean, and fit comfortably so you will want to wear them with your everyday activities and all your workouts! These Tone-y-Bands Wrist Weights will be the perfect addition to any workout.

SLEEK DESIGN FOR NATURAL MOVEMENT: Hugs your body so there is no annoying bulkiness to restrict your momentum.

SECURE FIT: Buckle clasp so weights stay put during your fastest movements.

HYGENIC: Durable waterproof silicone band easily wipes clean eliminating germs and odors.

MAXIMIZE YOUR EXERCISE: Pilates, yoga, dance, box, walk, run, home workout, core train, aqua, and rehabilitation.

PERSONALIZE YOUR RESISTANCE: Soft band with removable weights for tailor-made resistance and comfort.

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