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TRU PAWS Multivitamin: all-in-one vitamin for dogs of all ages - 1 month supply

TRU PAWS Multivitamin: all-in-one vitamin for dogs of all ages - 1 month supply

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All-in-one dog multivitamin for dogs of all ages. All natural, organic, and with zero fillers. TRU Multivitamin fills in all of the nutritious gaps from dog foods to nourish skin and coat, strengthen joints and bones, boost immune system, support a balanced digestive system, and give dogs the overall energy they need to function happily and live longer.

Your dog has unique needs in order to live a bright-eyed, active lifestyle. Commercial kibble, wet, or raw food might provide basic fuel, but may also fall short on nutrients. Our solution: To fill in those nutritional gaps with wholesome ingredients in a complete multivitamin with benefits that go beyond a healthy diet. We don’t hold anything back so your dog lives life to the fullest. This is the TRU PAWS CO. promise.

Our love for dogs mean we’re committed to meaningful transparency with what goes into our product. Our potent vet-formulated supplement is backed by science and can be fed alone or added to any dog food. Most pet supplements contain ingredients that shouldn’t be in there - harmful fillers, chemical additives, and GMOs. These fillers can lead to serious health issues: inflammation that causes diseases, fur loss, itchy skin, obesity, joint pain, and poor gut digestion. You can have a clean conscience knowing your dog is active and healthy while taking only what nature intended with TRU Multivitamin. Plus, dogs love the flavor! You can rest easy knowing that your dog’s vitamins are made from only organic ingredients that you can read:

Ingredients: Organic Blueberries, Organic Dandelion, Organic Spirulina, Organic Kelp, Organic Parsley, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Green Pea, Organic Flaxseed.  Store in a dry and cool place.


Feeding Instructions (Per Day)

Follow these guidelines below to give your dog complete benefits. When used on a daily basis, improvements should begin to appear within 4-6 weeks.  Use consistently for best results.

0-30 lbs
1 scoop of TRU Multivitamin
30-50 lbs
2 scoops of TRU Multivitamin
50+ lbs
2½ scoops of TRU Multivitamin
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