TU FLO Performance, Weighted, Exercise Water Bottle Kit TU FLO Electrolyte Enhancer Elixr

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  • TU FLO bottles are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic.
  • The grip of the bottle is designed to fit four fingers so that the bottle may rest on the top part of your hand, between the forefinger and thumb, making TU FLO almost effortless to hold.
  • The bottle has a trigger and valve system, easily accessible by the thumb or forefinger, which allows for simple and convenient hydration on the go.
  • Each bottle weighs only 5oz empty and can be filled with up to 12 oz of fluid.
  • TU Flo’s trigger and valve system allows complete control over flow, dispensing fast or slow.


TU was founded in an effort to improve the exercise experience at any level, enhancing workouts to help people achieve their fitness goals.
The TU FLO bottles are ergonomically designed to work with the body’s natural mechanical movement and promote balance both while running or walking. In addition, the bottles assist the body in developing better posture and form, and provide essential hydration during fitness activities. With the availability of exercise improvement add-ons, runners and athletes can customize TU bottles to boost their performance and more effectively reach their goals. TU ELIXR is a nutrient-rich electrolyte enhancer packaged with the TU FLO bottles for consumption prior to and during exercise.