Wishpets 3.5" Animal Face Adjustable Earmuffs

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Every Wishpets Plush Item Is Made With Care Out Of Quality Materials That Stand The Test of Time.  These 3.5" Animal Face Adjustable Earmuffs Will Make A Great Gift For Any Animal Lover To Keep You Warm In The Cold. 

ADORABLE WINTER GEAR: These Adorable Fluffy Animal Earmuffs Will Make The Cutest Addition To Any Winter Outfit, Featuring Adorable Animal Faces.

GREAT ADDITION TO ANY OUTFIT: These Cute Animal Earmuffs Will Make The Perfect Addition To Any Outfit.

EASY TO CARE FOR: Wishpets Plushes Are Easy To Care For, Simply Hand Wash With Light Soap and Cold Water.

WARM TO WEAR: These Earmuffs Are Very Warm With Their Plush Animal Faces And Cover Your Full Ear To Protect From Wind.