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Wishpets ShadowPets Collection

Wishpets ShadowPets Collection

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Every Wishpets Plush Item Is Made With Care Out Of Quality Materials That Stand The Test of Time. Children of All Ages Will Love to get their hands on these ShadowPets. Your Child Can Place His/Her Hands And Feet Into The Straps To Make Your Shadowpet Walk Or Dance. It Will Make An Excellent Addition To Any Collection, The Perfect Gift Or As A Decoration In Your Home That Is Family Safe.


SHADOWPETS: Add This Cute 28" ShadowPet To Your Plush Collection. Not only Are They Cuddly, Your Child Can Insert His/Her Feet and Hands Into The Straps To Make Them Dance.

SOFT AND CUDDLY: This Wishpet ShadowPets Is Not Only Adorable But Is Also Super Soft And Cuddle, Perfect For All Ages

EASY TO CARE FOR: Wishpets Plushes Are Easy To Care For, Simply Hand Wash With Light Soap and Cold Water.

GREAT COMPANIONS: Wishpets Plush Animals Make The Perfect Home Companion Or Decoration That Is Great For Both Boys & Girls. They Make A Great Travel And Home Companion.

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